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After you have written your book, every author wonders what needs to be done next. If you want to publish your book, you will need to find a Book Publisher. There may be many Book Publishers (and some printers disguised as publishers) that may be willing to publish your book. By the way, “Published” means more than printed on paper. If that were the case then your homework from grade school would be considered published.

That being said, the cost of “Book Publishing” can be enormous for the publisher and sometimes the author, yet insufficient to accomplish the key goal: getting your book into the hands of the readers that would benefit the most from your writing.

We believe that everyone has at least one good book in them. However, getting it out of them is sometimes a challenge. We have received manuscripts hand-written on yellow legal pads, typed on an old Royal typewriter, on cassettes, floppy disks, on CD and Flash drive in word document format. Some people had to be interviewed, transcribed, and then have it written for them.

With every book, there are varying costs associated with getting the message out of the author and on paper. In every case, we have to evaluate the message the author has to share and determine if Legacy Publishing should publish their book. The first requirement has always been: does this book inspire virtuous character? If the answer is yes, then we select one of the following programs to best get that book into the hands of others that will benefit from your writings.

Legacy understands the challenges facing a new author because its president, Gabriel Vaughn, began his publishing career as a new author. His experiences led to the creation of these packages, so the author will accomplish the key objective as well as be included in the whole publishing process.

Listed below are the various packages that Legacy Publishing offers to meet the needs and desires of today’s new generation of authors.


Royalty Publishing

This is the most widely known by the general public about publishing. All costs for editing, design, printing, and marketing are paid by the book publisher and…


Royal Publishing + Author Purchase

Each book has various costs associated with getting published. The greatest costs are printing and marketing. Preparation of the manuscript can get costly depending on the condition…


Legacy Memoirs

Everybody has a legacy of things they have accomplished or things that they have learned just by living life. We all have our hopes, dreams and aspirations when we start our life…

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