Sexually Harassed WHAT: The “Other Woman’s” Response to the #MeToo Movement (eBook)

“Women have been using their ‘womanly wiles’ to influence male’s behavior for thousands of years. Why are they suddenly crying foul after they receive favor from those same men, some even decades before? They knew what they were doing from the start but had no problem accepting the benefits from those influential men. Why do women feel like they have the right to make outrageous claims of sexual harassment against men while destroying careers, businesses, and families with no repercussions?”

—author, Jane Whitaker


Jane Whitaker became an avid NFL fan of the Baltimore Ravens due to her 20-year intimate relationship with one of the former owners as the “other woman” in his life. She is amazed at the absurdity of some of the claims of women from the #MeToo movement.

Jane’s tell-all book, Sexually Harassed WHAT, pushes back against this movement from a woman’s perspective. So-called responsible female adults now are making ridiculous accusations about their own previous personal decisions.

Jane is saying what many men in this country have been unable to voice because of potential backlash from politicians, colleagues, neighbors, or shareholders.



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