“Then one day I decided I wanted to write a book…”

Legacy Book Publishing broke into the world of book publishing over 20 years ago with nothing but the optimistic dreams of one author and the belief that books can serve a higher purpose when used to infuse principles of virtuous character…

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Why Virtuous Character?

It was the aspiring dreams of one author and his belief that books can serve a higher purpose that choose this standard to change the world we live in one book at a time.


Legacy Authors In The News

The best book will never change anyone’s life if it is never read. Exposure is the key to any books’ success and impact on society. Our authors’ found a way to be noticed.

Book Publishing 101

Book Publishing 101

Book Publishing is confusing even to the experienced author much less a first time author. We keep educating our authors in this ever changing marketplace.

Book Shop Categories

Legacy Bookstore

We offer six categories for our Books Inspiring Virtuous Character but some overlap into more than one as a biography may be inspirational or include some poetry.


Legacy Book Club

We realize how expensive things have become so we cut out the middlemen by offering discounts to the readers of our books through Legacy Book Club savings.


Knight of The Code

We know how hard it is for parents to choose good books for their children so we’ll have a character rating by Knights of the Code to help parents choose good character traits.