I Know What I Want; Why Don’t I Self-Publish?

I Know What I Want; Why Don’t I Self-Publish?

With self-publishing, it sounds like you have more control, but in reality, you have too much control. The book publishing process is complex, and most new authors do not have the needed expertise to effectively publish and market their own books, profitably, in the current publishing industry.


Now perhaps you’re thinking, “It doesn’t take much to put a cover on a book” or “I’ll just do my own research.” We have found that while the self-publishing books and manuals currently on the market can be an excellent source for names and addresses of vendors to contact, those vendors have no time or inclination to properly guide you on how to make your book professionally appealing or successful. Could a book even teach you the skill behind cover design? Do you know how to match the cover to the contents inside graphically? Do you know how to intrigue the buyer? Do you know which two colors to avoid using when designing your cover?


Unless you are experienced in the world of publishing, it is unlikely that you will have the knowledge to decide on difficult industry-related decisions. To properly publish a book, you must prepare the manuscript editorially, design and produce the book, register the book with all of the appropriate databases, get competent book reviewers, prepare proper press releases and gain media attention, and market your book to distributors, wholesalers, booksellers and the retail demographic. It is nearly impossible for a first time author to see his way down the self-publishing path without inadvertently missing large opportunities for sales or unknowing making mistakes that hinder book sales. For example, the following are some basic questions you’ll have to answer to publish your book: Do you know where to get the best wholesale prices for printing of your books? Do you have any contacts with distributors and/or wholesalers to make your books available in bookstores? Do you have 10 or more titles in print to help you get the best rates with vendors in the book industry? Do you know the things book stores look for to eliminate self-published books?


The “Print on Demand” concept was developed to eliminate costly inventory of books waiting to be sold. The premise is sound as it leaves more money available for marketing by either the author or publisher; unfortunately, the quality is not of the same standard as offset printing. You must not mistake a publisher, who deals in all facets of the publishing process, for a printer whose main area of expertise is printing a book. At Legacy Publishing, our 18 years in the publishing industry and familiarity with affiliated companies will give you the same benefits as if you had published that many books by yourself!


Since “Print on Demand” is generally less concerned with designing covers and interior layout and assisting with marketing and promotion of the book, the author does not receive the same quality and services as he would with a true publisher that has a vested interest in selling large quantities of books. Their main focus appears to be printing for the author as requested. A “Print on Demand” publisher will offer the author services such as page layout and cover design but the company may only have a few generic cover designs for the author to choose from. Also, as they generally spend little time on the interior layout, it may look unprofessional and of sub-standard quality.


In researching “Print on Demand,” we have also found that these “publishers” charge the author for all set-up fees to produce the book, but do not provide the author with any books to recoup this initial investment. When it is time for the author to purchase books from them at wholesale prices to sell at the retail level, the wholesale price is extremely inflated. The increased wholesale price creates an over-inflated retail price which will be more than the market will bear, and will make the book difficult to sell.


At Legacy Publishing, we work closely with our authors to ensure that they are actively involved in all decision making but guided by a professional staff with extensive experience in the field of publishing, as well as creative writing, marketing and graphic design. These are just some of the things to consider before diving headfirst into unknown territory. It’s your dream…Let Legacy help you get there.

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