My Journey to Another World

While pursuing a career in education, Jennifer received a grant from her university to give her the chance of a lifetime. She traveled overseas to Botswana where she lived in a remote village and observed the hardships many face across the globe.  My Journey to Another World will relate her experiences from the mindset of your average 20-something college student and the contrasting observations of people from another continent and culture of a totally different world.  While in Botswana, Jennifer faced many life-changing obstacles that taught her real-world lessons that pertained to her own country back at home.  Though the lifestyles are drastically different between the two cultures, her experiences and observations made an impact on not only her understanding of education, but the role of government and faith in each of our lives.  This story will give readers an insight of the depths of these important topics, and how one young adult, unknowingly, traveled to another world.

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