Legacy Memoirs

Everybody has a legacy of things they have accomplished or things that they have learned just by living life. We all have our hopes, dreams, and aspirations when we start our life. Some are realized while others may be bitter disappointments or changed along the way. Either way, it is your story and your life, and we at Legacy Publishing think it should be recorded and preserved in print. We have heard too many times from family members that they wish they had encouraged someone to write a book about all the great stories they heard from someone who had just passed away.

We have programs that help them record their legacy even if they claim that they are not a writer but a storyteller. We can record their legacy and transcribe their stories, inserting pictures, poems and even favorite recipes. Even if you don’t feel like this will be a book that should grace the shelves of bookstores around the country, it will be a treasure to family members. Many of them share in the same bloodline of the same dreams, aspirations, talents and character traits. Your story may be an inspiration to a relative that reads your story to pursue the dreams that may have been interrupted in their life by circumstances.

Each Legacy Memoir is considered unique and will be evaluated individually to determine the cost and time needed to complete the book and print the amount of copies desired to preserve your legacy.

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