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Samantha Nickerson

Samantha Nickerson is a writer and editor. She earned a Master’s in Creative Writing in 2021. After graduating, she became a correspondent for The Drunken Odyssey, a podcast about the writing life. There, she interviewed authors about their new or upcoming novels, edited episodes, and contributed to the website.

Samantha also works in film. She plays a supporting role in a series called Groupie: The Blueprint of a Self-Made Millionaire (available on Tubi). She was Script Supervisor on A Sticky Situation, a feature-length independent film that will be available on Tubi in 2023.

Samantha’s favorite hobby has always been reading. As a child she won her school’s Future Author Award, which incentivized her to develop her writing skills. Through workshop classes she learned that she loves editing and has an eye for quality and potential. She aspires to be a Fiction Editor, a position in which she could contribute to the kinds of stories that have brought her the most joy. She wants to see more people reading, readers reading more, and to break down barriers that prohibit people from picking up a book.

Carver Smith

Carver is a Legacy editor specializing in fiction, fantasy, and satire.

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