“A heartwarming story of family, love, and overcoming life’s obstacles. A great read.”
—Maxine Paetro, New York Times bestselling author

“In Shallow Creek, Williams shares a riveting saga that spans more than half a century in the backwoods of East Tennessee, a story of young love, old prejudices, courtroom conflict, and a nod to ‘Ode to Billie Jo’ along the way. It’s a gripping and compelling tale told by a writer who knows the ways of the heart.”
—Bob Morris, author, Baja Florida, Bahamarama

In 1939, high in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee, William Wallace’s house burns to the ground and kills his father. With no other immediate family alive, William is sent to Mosheim, Tennessee to live with his grandfather, Silas Wallace, a man he doesn’t know. He has heard some stories about Silas from his father, however, and none of them were good. William comes to learn over time that as much as he needs his grandfather, his grandfather needs him even more. He also comes to love the land Silas calls Shallow Creek, land that has been in his family for generations and symbolizes the importance of family, perseverance, love and kindness. Sadly, in Mosheim, he also comes head to head with hatred, bigotry, and cruelty. The intriguing life of William Wallace, with its many twists and turns, will tug at the reader’s emotions. All of us are looking for our own Shallow Creek.


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