Royalty Publishing + Author Purchase

Each book has various costs associated with getting published. The greatest costs are printing and marketing. Preparation of the manuscript can get costly depending on the condition of the original manuscript. On the average, less than 2% of manuscripts submitted to publishers are accepted as strictly royalty published. That does not mean the book is unpublishable but merely someone else is a better bet of the publishers money, based on above criteria for the next best seller. Many very well known authors did not do so well on the first book they had published but created a following in the first printing and later reprinted their first books to worldwide acclaim.

The business decision to accept a manuscript to royalty publish one book over another may not have been the quality of the writing but merely a slight decision of monetary availability. There is only “so much money to go around” as they say. As stated in other articles by Legacy Publishing, it may be six months before the publisher sees the first dollar of a new books’ sales after being printed because it has to go through the bookstore register, then the wholesaler, then eventually his distributor with terms on each step before the publisher gets paid. If one book looks to have more promise in the retail market for a quicker cash flow return, that may have been the deciding factor.

One way that may encourage the publisher to go ahead with a particular book would be for the author to show that they have the passion for their book in that they want to have a vested interest in its success. If the author purchases books from the publisher from the first printing, that would help offset the initial investment from the publisher of the cost of manuscript preparation, editing, cover design, first printing costs, administration of book registration and the initial marketing push.

The first person to believe in the value of their book should be the author. It is Legacy’s belief that the author should be very much involved in marketing and promoting their book. You will find that you are a natural salesperson for your book. The author is the best tool in promoting a new book because of their passion that comes with their desire to write the book. Legacy encourages authors to be enthusiastic and involved with the promotion and sales of their books.

Some people may have a readily available market, such as professional speakers, presenters, educators or counselors. Listeners to your speech may want to hear more, so book sales go hand in hand with professional presentations. Of course, Legacy will provide new authors with the promotional materials required for attending book signings and sending out announcements of their newly published book to their “warm market,” such as family, friends and colleagues.

Therefore, some Legacy authors request copies of their book at the wholesale price for their own promotions. We will offer a substantial discount to the author on any books purchased through us. In this program, authors will buy books for less than book stores buy from the wholesalers which is 40% off retail price. Legacy Publishing tries to make sure that the author will only have to sell half or less of the books purchased to recoup their original purchase of books. The author has no further obligation to buy additional books from future printings but may at the substantial discount price.

Meanwhile, Legacy will implement its marketing strategies to sell books in all various markets both wholesale in book stores chains, independent book stores, Amazon, internet retailers or through direct marketing. Depending on the results tested as the best return per investment as to percentage of marketing per sales; each of these sales will return a royalty to the author based on the percentage agreed upon by author and publisher.

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