She helped rebuild his life as hers began to fall apart…

Cassie Wyndham has waited her whole life to escape life at home. Her heart is in tatters from the bitter repression forced on her by her mother. She cannot seem to surpass or equal the accolades bestowed on her older brother by friends and family. Her father’s continuous absences leave the entire family feeling neglected and forgotten. She longs for the day she turns 18, when a trust fund set up by her grandparents will come into her possession for college.

Signing up for a program to re-familiarize Nazi POWs with Christianity at a nearby camp, she meets Friedrich, a young man whose struggles have led him to find solace in the sense of purpose and worth Nazism has to offer. Cassie prays for honest guidance and courage to lead her prisoner back to God, yet the further they venture into God’s heart together, the more they reveal their own to each other. As their relationship transforms along with their lives, they begin to risk everything for their accidental romance…

Or had it not happened by accident?

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