The Call of Africa: My Pathology Odyssey from the Nile to the Zambezi

The Call of Africa is an account of Dr. Martin Lewis’ experiences as a pathologist from 1965 in Uganda continuing through to present day Zimbabwe. The evolution of disease and its symbiotic relationship to the rise and fall of Africa’s culture, economy, and political power plays a major role in defining her place in the world.
Many men and women gave their careers and their lives to free Africa from the chains of disease and dictatorships that continue to shape today’s worldview. The story centers on two major rivers, the Nile and the Zambezi, both of which define her people.

The Call of Africa provides a window into a turbulent, beautiful yet troubled continent and includes a remarkable cast of characters, many who have made considerable contributions to the understanding of disease. This work is unique and significant for its candid look at the impact medicine has had in the discovery and research of most major diseases.

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