It’s Your Choice America

Today America is at a CROSSROADS. For over 100 years, American liberties have been slowly stripped away from its citizens by the United States Federal Government, whom most Americans have entrusted to keep them protected and to keep them FREE! With Progressivism, Liberalism, and Socialism having seeped their way into the common American’s way of life, we find ourselves more SLAVES then FREE MEN within our own country.

This book, It’s Your Choice America, enables 300 million thinking Americans the FREEDOM to challenge and change the evil course of liberalism and progressivism which has enslaved the common American. This book is a gateway of knowledge, facts, inspiration and most of all a ‘call to action’ in mobilizing small and large groups locally, statewide and nationally in a non-violent manner to help save a dying America.

Americans need to become involved by electing true conservatives, adhering to the United States Constitution, and believing in a free market called capitalism. This is America’s story and we’re asking YOU the common American to ‘rise up’ and save a dying America before it’s too late!

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