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Confederate Spy: The Beth Hampton Story

When Beth Hampton, a Virginian Southern Belle, falls for the valiant Confederate soldier, Preston, she has no idea that the adoration for her soldier and her country will lead her on daring journeys across enemy lines as a spy for the Confederacy. As Beth’s accomplishments for the sake of the Confederacy begin to mount and the romance between she and Preston grows, Beth begins to assert herself in a world where women are typically not given reign.

Brave and headstrong, young Beth heroically risks her life, never giving thought to her own safety. Even in a billowing skirt and ringlets, she rides courageously into the Confederate camp on horseback to warn of a Union attack.

Written by direct descendant Bruce Robert Price, Beth Hampton’s grandson, this historical fiction based on actual events and secret letters passed down through the family tree, holds an adventure at every turn. Proud and ambitious, Beth earns respect from historic leaders of America and makes her mark in history.

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