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Enchanted Cocoon takes you on an uncanny journey of an adventurous Georgia family who resided in rather unconventional places.

Riding on the light-hearted spirit of a flamboyant father and a moxie little mother, news brought attention to: his talents as an artist; the attempt to build their Macon home on his two week vacation; living in an old grist mill at Dames Ferry; treasures within their ivy-cloaked cottage and the surrounding gardens in Griffin; and beyond, to the one and only, Dowdell’s Knob Antique Shop atop Pine Mountain within Roosevelt State Park.

In the tradition of Southern hospitality, sweet tea and her special datenut bread served as the centerpiece to all who entered the wondrous walls. The world of warmth and frivolity, encountered within, gave all an undeniable sense of entering an enchanted cocoon.

The journey was not always easy but wonderment remained, nonetheless, offering the family’s motto; “One day we will look back on all this and laugh!”
Enchanted Cocoon exposes the richness in ordinary lives and the recognizable gifts, held within most people, from times long gone by.

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