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Our Journey to Each Other: An Excerpt—
It’s been three years since this all started, and during that time I kept thinking that I’d get this story written and published but as usual happens, time goes by, life gets lived and ‘it’ gets tucked away waiting.

But it’s a story I can’t let go. I know similar stories have been told many times before but this is our story and, when happiness happens, it should be shared if for no other reason than for the generations that follow.

There were no cars driving by, no kids tearing up and down the street, no neighbors. It was as if time had stopped, along with our breath, in anticipation of what would happen next.

January 9, 2007, the fascinating genius of it happening, the plunge forward, and the first step began for us. But April 21, 2007 was the day they drove into our driveway at 9:00AM and then everything else receded. We were in that moment and our lives would never be the same.

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