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In the early 1930’s Phyllis Minns was born on the island of Exuma in the Bahamas. These are her reflections of growing up with her three brothers, one sister, and many cousins who were like siblings. In it you will find what life was like in George Town, Exuma before automobiles, telephones, electricity, and running water. Woven in it are customs and stories she knew and heard from maids, her parents, and her grandmother.

The coming of a United States Naval Air Station with sailors, marines and seaplanes for patrolling the Atlantic Ocean for German U-Boats brought great change to the quiet little island. At that time the Bahamas was a British Colony, so Phyllis grew up in the English tradition and it will show in some of her spelling. Hers was a carefree, crime free, simple life of living by the sea and playing in what most people would consider a tropical paradise.

Learn of her adventures as a Tom boy: chafing at the restrictions imposed by her strict Daddy. The book also contains her personal testimony of God’s Grace in her life.

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