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“My Brother Puck is about my little brother named Ethan who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, as told by me, his older sister, Izzy. I tell the story of how I see my little brother unlike the way others might see him. I feel his story will help all children who know someone with Autism. It will help them understand my brother and other children with Autism. I think they will realize that they’re not that much different than the rest of us, only with different needs, just like I need glasses to see better, that’s all.”

This book’s inspiration came from the author’s real life experience with her own unique family. Today, one out of every 60 children is being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. My Brother Puck will be a excellent book for any child who has someone in their life with Autism. The beautiful illustrations, lovable characters, and heartwarming story of My Brother Puck will promote children’s awareness, understanding, and acceptance of their peers with Autism and creatively illustrate some ideas on building relationships with these special kids.

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Angela Marie Goodman was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. She now lives in Ft. Myers, Florida with her loving husband and children. She has worked with children and adults with special needs for many years. My Brother Puck was inspired by Angela’s own real life family of three children, one having special needs.


“If people with special needs will ever be fully embraced in our society, if they will ever be given the opportunity to live their best life, be independent, reach their goals and see their dreams fulfilled then attitudes must first change within the minds of individual family members, especially the attitudes of our children.” — Angela Marie Goodman


Kazumi Mai is an active, sweet, fun loving teenager. She lives in Ft. Myers, Florida with her mom, dad, sister, and 4 cats. She loves art, reading, and learning all about different people and cultures. She’s in many honors classes in North Ft. Myers High School. She has been drawing ever since she was a small child and considers her art a big part of who she is. She hopes eventually to have a full time career as an illustrating artist, sharing her talents, and touching many people, and maybe even changing the world.