Prince Cody and the Hurricane

Many of you have heard the expression, “Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought it back.”

In Prince Cody’s second adventure with Murphy, the cat’s curiosity proves to provide quite an adventure for the two animals.

Cody’s keen sense of observation coupled with Murphy’s curious nature lead the boys off into a scary situation. Luckily their intense hunger brings a happy ending.

We all have a certain degree of curiosity in our beings. This can be a healthy trait. In this adventure Murphy makes a wrong choice but Cody, being a trusted friend, goes along with his buddy.

Everyone needs one close friend in life. Such a friend will stick with you even when you do something crazy.

Children and adults can identify with making wrong decisions because of being curious. But we can also identify with having a friend to stick with us, even when we mess up.

Murphy and Cody first teamed up in Prince Cody Meets a Monster. Now join the boys in their second adventure as take an airplane trip to a big city to get away from a hurricane.

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