Prince Cody Meets A Monster

“I miss My Mommy!!! I’m scared!!!” Have you ever been in a new situation and had no idea what would happen? Maybe you were even a bit afraid? Cody is a cute, cuddly Chihuahua who finds himself in a strange house with a monstrous, Maine Coon cat named Murphy. At first Cody is frightened of Murphy, but as he stays longer and gets to know Murphy, he discovers Murphy has some fine qualities. Plus he learns that he is much braver than he realized. Through Cody’s diary of his stay with Murphy, he understands that this cat is not a monster, after all. The change that transpires in Cody as he goes from fear to friendship conveys to the readers that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about someone. If we take the time to get to know them, we can often have a pleasant experience. Children of all ages enjoy animal stories, especially ones that have happy endings. We invite you to join Cody and Murphy on their first adventure. Dedicated to brave cats and dogs everywhere!

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