Mercedez Mendoza (the impulsive hothead) has had enough with changes in the past couple of years. She can t seem to keep up with the constant demands of high school… and then there s her best friend, Julia Rodriguez (the level-headed rocker) who always does what’s expected of her. When her friend needs a shoulder to cry on, she’s there. She doesn’t understand why people can’t do the same for her.

Angela es Fresh (the bad girl) is the bad girl gone good, or at least trying to go good. However, every time she tries to change, something holds her back. Amanda Prescott (the insecure snob) is taking a bite out of public schooling because she needs to stay out of trouble after being kicked out of her old school. A labyrinth of relationships encircle all of our lives just like the characters of this novel.

Reckless Perfection reflects the struggles we all can relate to as we search for our place in the world created by circumstances. Circumstances: some good, some bad and others we created by our own choices. Reckless Perfection reveals, through the lives of these characters, that all choices have consequences, not on just our lives but those around us.

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