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Angels in Waiting: The Power of Prayer Overcoming Tragedy

This true-life drama relates the story of Patty Milkovich, a married woman who decides to take a long-distance motorcycle trip unaccompanied. The journey is abruptly cut short however, when within three hours of departing from her home in Michigan, she is involved in a hit-and-run accident that leaves her in a coma and fighting for her life.

As told by Patty’s husband Butch, who had the closeness of his riding brothers and his wife riding her own bike, he was on top of the world. Then the day came when the thin thread all our lives hang upon unraveled. Portraying a combination of determination, inner-strength and religious belief, this story reveals his fears and emotions as he recalls some extraordinary circumstances that occur at the time of the accident and during the crucial days thereafter. Circumstances that may be construed as extremely fortunate, aided by an unseen power or as we call it by Angels in waiting.

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