Facing My Goliath: Survival of Childhood Cancer

Cancer affects millions of people throughout the world. It not only affects the individual, but also the friends and families of those going through it. When one’s life is hit with a tragedy such as cancer, life can look pretty bleak at times. With any trial in life, including cancer, the right attitude, faith, hope and support can help immensely to get through the fight.

Facing My Goliath gives personal stories that people can relate to as well as a faith inspired message that motivates hope. Lonnie’s story is unique because the odds were stacked against him but he persevered and ultimately defeated cancer.

They were just an ordinary middle class family doing many normal things until Lonnie got diagnosed with leukemia. He won the fight with cancer and his family also overcame many obstacles, including doubt, fear, pain, financial problems, and much more, to become triumphant in their battle. It wasn’t an easy road but through faith, hope, love and support, they all made it.

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