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Baseball: is this the Game Your Fathers Watched?

Did Babe really point to the stands and “call his shot” before he hit that home run in the 1932 World Series? How did nine Umpires get in the baseball Hall of Fame? What was it like to play America’s pastime right after World War II?

So many changes have taken place in the past 65 years that the game that our fathers and grandfathers watched may not be recognized as the game we cheer for with our future generations of dedicated fans.” cites Jim Forbes. Forbes points out some of the greatest changes that have changed the face of America’s beloved sport from his early days of sandlot to the minor leagues, the call to play for the Majors, managing and then watching and cheering for his favorite teams.

Every fan who thought they knew their favorite game will gain the insight of how it used to be and be able to tell the true story of the infamous “Babe Ruth’s called the shot” home run.

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Did Babe really point to the stands and

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