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Big Dreams Come in Small Rooms

At least this room has a nice view; maybe a walk down the beach will clear my head before the meeting. Maybe they’ll have an iron downstairs,” are the thoughts running through the mind of many a traveler in hotel rooms.

Dawn of a new day finds many travelers not at their destination, but in their journey. They rise early at a strange place oftentimes away from family, friends and comforts of home. The small room is a weigh station in their journey to fulfilling their dreams.

Big Dreams come in small rooms is the story of one man’s journey in the hotel industry. If you have ever traveled in pursuit of a goal, you will relate, feel the loneliness and cheer for his triumphs. You’ll mourn as tragedy strikes and his faith is tested, but be inspired by his faith and determination. At the end you will agree, though big dreams may be born in the solitude of small rooms, your Big Dreams can never be contained in small rooms.

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