Portraits of Florida Wildlife

Florida is a wonderful place for a nature photographer. The subtropical weather, variety of landscapes, abundance of fresh water ponds and lakes, and the long coastline provide wonderful habitat for animals. Many species of animals can be found in Florida. There are about 200 species of native birds, as well as over 300 more bird species that spend part of their time here, especially during the winter months. Insects are quite plentiful, especially butterflies and dragonflies, many of which can be seen year round. A variety of mammals, such as bobcats, Florida panthers, black bears, armadillos, and foxes are frequently seen.   Then, of course, there are the reptiles, such as the alligator, which can be found practically anywhere there is some fresh water. This book contains about 200 images of the more frequently seen birds, insects, mammals, and reptiles.

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