From the Heart: A Heart Surgeon’s Incredible Journey

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This biography is a timeline-like retelling of the politics and power struggles between a surgeon and the healthcare industry. Dr. Thomas Lajos, a highly respected cardiothoracic surgeon at Buffalo General Hospital, has had a prolific career, even pioneering new procedures. From the Heart recounts his run-ins with the downfall of big business in medicine at Buffalo General Hospital and how it affected his overall career, as well as the fate of the hospital. He improved and maintained a very successful Residency program for over 25 years, as well as performed life-saving research during his stay. His additional position as a lecturer has allowed him to travel all around the world to speak, and this biography offers a first-hand account of the many sights and lessons he learned at each destination. The tale is propelled along with an underscoring of his thrilling medical anecdotes that took place throughout his illustrious career.

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