Fully Alive by Ademola Adewale, MD.

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Dr.Adewale is a consummate advocate for physicians and residents in-training wellness. His passion for physician wellness started over a decade ago with the identification of increasing physicians and residents in-training burn-out. The search for a solution to this problem led to the development of the wellness program, for the Emergency Medicine residents. This passion was cemented when healthcare institutions were promoting the concept of “Whole Patient Care” in the midst of increasing physicians’ burnout, depression, and suicides.

Dr.Adewale’s understanding of the impracticality of “burned-out physicians” performing “whole-patient care” prompted his research into how physicians could become whole and overcome or prevent burn-out. This was predicated on the theory that a physician that is not whole, depressed, burned-out cannot perform whole patient care. The culmination of his research in the context of this book.

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