Military Brats: “Oh No! Moving Again?” (Military Brats Book 2)

Another move? Really? Not again?

Emmy was unprepared and setback by the notion of another PCS move. She had worked so hard to make friends in the last location, had overcome every obstacle that came her way, and now this? Emmy had learned how to make friends in a new place as well as deal with things that she didn’t understand. She had even learned to make room for her challenging baby brother, Xy!
Of course, with the military life, Uncle Sam always calls, and when Uncle Sam calls, it’s time for a new adventure—new people, new schools, new places, new problems. What adventures will Emmy and Xy experience in this new location? What trials will they face? Will excitement and expectation overtake them, or will the challenges of adapting to a new environment and unfamiliar faces prove to be just too much?


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