Miracles I Have Witnessed: My Blessings and Miracles from God

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“People may call some things mere coincidences and other things impossible, but I saw the miraculous take place right before me. I believe that if other people would just trust God that they too would be blessed and witness miracles in their own life.”

—Edna Castro

From an early age, Edna Castro felt that God has always heard her prayers. Edna feels she has been truly blessed. Her faith helped her through many challenges. Edna wanted to share some of the miracles she has witnessed, such as a heart suddenly appearing on her gray shower curtain.

Follow Edna’s account of the blessings and miracles that have transpired through her life’s journey.

11 reviews for Miracles I Have Witnessed: My Blessings and Miracles from God

  1. Kathy

    Great book

  2. Lisa. M Geraghty

    Dear Edna Castro,

    This book has open my eyes, as well as inspired me. I will like to thank you for your time to write a book about your miracles that you had witnessed. Thanks for sharing..💗

  3. Barbara castro

    Thanks so much for this amazing book that has helped me be positive and believe In miracles, i have witnessed many miracles. I’m looking forward on your second book . God bless amen bless ( 5 stars)

  4. Jose

    Awesome Book,
    Edna has been blessed with so many miracles. It’s an eye opener. Thank you Edna for sharing

  5. Jabu

    This book has inspirer, and more my spirit in a way i have never thought possible, i will like to thank you for sharing your stories and your miracles. Thanks for sharing ❤❤ ❤❤

  6. Anthony

    Their was definitely miracles from God, in this book. Our God is perfect! Thanks for sharing your testimony

  7. Melisa .A

    I am amazed by the stories. Love your book. Thank you for sharing

  8. Jon Vega

    A great book to read while your in your quiet space it gives you things to think about the experiences of edna are extraordinary
    Gave me hope that one day I may encounter the same

  9. Raymond Castro

    Loved this book! God is good, definately makes me think more positive about life and shows anything is possible when you look up to god. Amen.

  10. Lisette Ramos

    Very inspirational book! Edna like many others share their wonderful stories of how God has touched there lives through faith and prayer. Edna’s accounts of how God has always been at her side through difficult times is extraordinary and amazing. This book shows how spirtual faith conquers all.

  11. Elisa Weaver

    When I bought this book, and I started reading it, it reminded me of some of the miracles I have heard Edna speak about before — and I have seen with my own eyes, the miracle where the angel stood with her on the first floor, and appeared in her photograph.

    I also believe in miracles, because without a miracle, we wouldn’t all be here. I thank Edna Castro for putting this book together. It was very very good, and very moving to read. Being witness to the miracles was wonderful, but reading about them from Edna’s point of view, and experiencing these many miracles through her, has truly touched me. It’s a book I won’t forget anytime soon, and a book I will read many times. Every time I need to feel the loving hand of God, anytime I need a miracle in my life, I will read Edna’s book and remember that miracles are real, and are all around us. All you have to do is look, and believe.

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