Slotski’s World

A new and unique voice has joined the science fictional chorus.
–Ben Bova
New York Times bestselling science fiction author

Compelling clever, and chilling. Slotski is destined to become the next Chucky. Journey will give you a terminal case of the willies.
–Scott Marlowe, host of The Creature Zone
America’s most scientifically credible Cryptozoologist

Gary Roen returns with a collection of enthralling new tales of Slotski, the beloved alien in the shape of an oversized stuffed bear with claws and fangs. Slotski embarks on fantastical missions to help strangers in need who cross his path, relying on his unearthly powers and telepathy to aide him. Slotski’s World dives into serious territory in confronting issues such as rapidly expanding technology, especially with unethical governmental use. This second sci-fi collection further highlights Roen’s skill for imaginative storytelling.


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