Through The Mind Of An Artist

Have you ever looked at art and wondered, “What was the artist thinking?” or “How did that image become what it is?” Creativity, artistic processes, and ideas are revealed in pictures and words to reveal how final images came to be what they are from initial drawings to the resulting metamorphosis. Glenn Ricci completely reveals the creative process with explanations of how images evolved from initial idea or beginning sketch to a finished work. Some works are studies in and of themselves as many beginning and practicing artists do for practice. Glenn Ricci explores many playful areas of the painting, drawing, and creative process. He uses the canvas surface itself as a creative entity through cutting into, exposing it raw, painting on it, and shaping it to pursue artistic concepts. The love he feels in revealing the creative process can be inspiring; readers find themselves drawn into these images that exhibit wonderment, in-depth discovery, a heartbeat of structure, mastery and naiveté all mixed together in presenting works of art from the heart.

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