Collingwood Space-Port

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Captain Christopher Tracer leads his crew of wisecracking ruffians through galaxies of great beauty and tribulation. His ship, the Ohoya, is the fastest in the quadrant, and has earned its infamy across the stars as the famous “Ghost Ship” as they transport “questionable cargo.”

The newest addition to the Ohoya is a sheltered princess who grew up forced to act as an icon for her people. Captain Tracer has to manage his ship’s crew while also engaging in dogfights with aliens, venturing to new planets, and navigating encounters with androids. In a disastrous and crime-ridden quadrant of the universe, the crew of the Ohoya must decide what to do with the princess amidst so much chaos. But as he and his long-time friends brave the madness of space, Captain Tracer secretly dreams of something different. Perhaps his greatest challenge will be finding peace. Maybe by retiring to the beautiful Collingwood Spaceport that often fills his daydreams.


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