Before Davy Crockett’s father dies, he tells his son that there are critical points in life where everything changes. Davy never dreamed how often his father’s words would ring true. Along life’s walk, you lose the ones you love, get left at the altar, lose your job and sink to the bottom, drowned in misery. Davy learns that his wacky family, with all their quirks, may still be a source of support in his search and their search for happiness.

A delightful story filled with engaging characters, drama, romance, and sprinkled with humor. A great read.
—Maxine Paetro, New York Times bestselling author

The life of Davy Crockett ( not that one ) is a snapshot of the American experience from the Iraq War to the subtle politics of a school board. The message is timeless: Family helps everything. I loved Everything Changes.
—James O. Born, New York Times bestselling author


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