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When I grow up I want to be…. This statement is repeated millions of times a day and is the basis for the hopes and dreams of every person on earth. Yet, how often do we follow through with those dreams? How many of us end up being whomever and whatever we want to be? From our first breath to our last, we are told what is expected of us by culture, friends, parents or relatives and even societal expectations. It, seemingly, becomes mandatory for us to conform to these expectations. What if it were not mandatory? What if you said, “I just want to be me?”

As our country has experienced changes in what used to represent financial stability or security in vocations, many are considering the “what if” scenario. The authors of this book invite you to discover who you truly are, once the expectations are stripped away, and allow the “real you” to shine through. This may be the most important book you will ever read but buyers beware—the freedom you may experience could change your life!

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