Under Southern Skies: The Five Little Robersons

The Five Little Robersons is a refreshing, wild ride, wherein the young honeymooners, happy yet anxious to begin their new lives together, face trials and tribulations. They cannot possibly foresee the numerous roads they will travel or moves they will make. From the rich timber-lands of the Carolinas to the lush Georgia forests, they built roads in the wild of the wetlands. They stepped across the Suwanee River to be led into the country of British Honduras, with their family alongside. Settling there, in an unknown world, and being introduced to different customs and cultures, their children moved around from school to school and endured the hardships of relocation. In the final book of the Under Southern Skies duology, Earleen’s adventures continue as she goes from being a daughter to a wife, mother, and grandmother while trying to survive the odds in her travels through the Southern plains of America and, later into foreign lands in Central America. This is her life, her legacy.

“I am so impressed with your gift of storytelling and intrigued with your sense of structure and flow as you construct the scene, period, and timeless values of your family’s founders and mentors. What a fascinating narrative to share with your progeny and also with the world at large, a truly colossal achievement.”
—Lucy Fleming, Founder Chaa Creek Resort, Belize

“I think the cover is beautiful, the print is so easy to read and I like the short stories because you can read one anytime you have a few minutes. So, now I am going to put on my nightgown, get in my favorite chair, put up my feet and read the memories of one of my favorite authors.”
—Gloria Grasley, Retired Army Nurse, Kissimmee, Florida



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