The Business of Home Inspection

Are you able to gather information and data for your reports but struggle being succinct? Do you have difficulty talking to your clients about their home’s needs? Are you lost when it comes to making your paperwork your own? We can help!

This book is designed to help home inspectors run their business more smoothly. You’ll be able to learn several skills including how to increase your ability to communicate effectively and confidently in any situation, customize your approach and take your business to the next level, and learn the intangibles that breed confidence and success.


“This approach to home inspection and communication is are refreshing take on a set of skills that can sometimes be overlooked in this industry. A must read for both seasoned professionals and those new to the industry.”

—Devon Christopher, Home Inspector

“The method of communication should be approached
methodically with a strategy in mind and a result, which is effective. The methods I have implemented discussed in this book, have allowed me to succeed in the Home Inspection Industry because they allow you to serve your clientele with a unique approach.”

—Jason Solano, Home Inspector

“I have been using this approach since 2009 and it has been an awesome experience that has transformed my life.”

—Michael Troisi, Home Inspector

“I have learned that communication with client and realtor before, during and after the home inspection may be the most important tool in my tool box.”

—James Sisco, Home Inspector


ISBN: 978-1-947718-78-4

Hardback: 86 pages


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about the author


Paul J. Magrone has experience as both a songwriter and a businessman, so he understands the importance of carefully assembled words and details. Paul has been in the home inspection business since 2004 and has used his other passions to guide him to excel in his life. He started his business with his wife Karen with the goal of providing good communication for his clients. Developing a style that would be complimentary to the inspection process using both inspection knowledge and good communication skills is what propelled PJM Inc. to where they are today. Words are the key to connecting with people no matter the industry, and Paul hopes to see this book provide resources to bring people together in any business.